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Our History

A Rich Heritage 

Our funeral home has a rich heritage dating back to the early 1930’s when Uncle Jim Caldwell devised a plan where people could afford a low cost burial policy to take care of the expense of losing a loved one. For just a few pennies a month, the burial was completed. He sold his first policy under the name Tri-County Burial Association in 1934.

Uncle Jim Caldwell operated the funeral home until the late 1930's. He sold to the Higginbotham Funeral Home and in the 1940's the funeral home was purchased by Leland Carter. Mr. Carter formed the Leland Carter Burial Association and this association has assisted many families throughout the years.

The Madden Family purchased the funeral home in the late 1980's and operated it until Clell and wife, Donna Cox become the new owners in the early 1990's and it operated under the name Cox-Estes Funeral Home. Powell and Donna Blevins partnered with Clell and Donna Cox in the late 1990's and changed the name to Cox-Blevins Funeral Home.

Later Powell and Donna Blevins became full owners of the funeral home in 2011. Donna, along with her daughter, Missi, owned and managed the funeral home from 2011-2016.

Tom and Brenda Doty purchased the funeral home on June 2, 2016. The Doty's own Doty Family & Memorial Service located in beautiful Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas.

From the early days of Higginbotham Funeral Home, Carter Funeral Home, Salem Funeral Service, McGee-Estes Funeral Home, Cox-Estes, Cox-Blevins, to the current ownership of Doty Family Funeral & Memorial Service, the heritage continues with the mission of serving families during the most difficult time of one's life.

Every life is important and has a legacy to share which reflects the personal journey of life.

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